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There is a lot we want to do!


Current Campaigns


Improve the play area - Some equipment had to be removed from the play are in the summer of 2023 after failing health and safety checks. We are actively campaigning to get replacements as soon as possible and have formed a small working party to research and look at how the funds we need can be raised. If you are interested in joining it, or, helping us fundraise generally, please get in touch. 


Increase Bio-Diversity and attractiveness of the Rec - We have an ongoing commitment to increase bio-diversity and improve the park for pollinators. This work is largely done by our volunteer gardeners who meet regularly from March to October to care for the flower beds and meadows. Most gardening sessions take place on Sunday mornings from 10.30 - 12.00, no experience necessary, tools are provided and everybody is welcome. You can either drop by on a Sunday and join in, or get in touch at the email address below if you'd like further information.


Improving the entrances to the park - Work is in progress to make the Upper Grosvenor Road entrance more welcoming. Hedging has been planted and once established some of the fencing can be removed to open the entrance up. Planting at the base of the flag pole was completed in 2022 and we are working towards having some eye catching Portswood Rec signage at the entrance. The next phase will be clearing and levelling the former car park to improve its appearance.

Plans for the Kitchener Road entrance are to introduce more greenery with hedging etc to improve biodiversity and encourage wildlife. We have startred by planting over 1000 spring flowering bulbs under the trees, providing vital early nectar for pollinators...and they look pretty too!



If you would like to become involved or support any of these projects.


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