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06 Jul 24 - Play area blitz - everyone welcome


 Brambles at the Rec (photo Linnet Evans)Everyone is welcome to this session - you don't have to be a green-fingered gardener.


The play area surface is looking rather sad right now, with weeds sprouting up between the cracks. While we've not  been able to magic any new equipment as yet, the next best thing will be to make the area as inviting as possible so families can still have a safe and enjoyable time.  And not a pesticide in sight!


Please wear old clothes, good footwear and if possible bring strong gloves. We have some extra gloves, secateurs and trowels but if you are able to bring your own that would be even better. Children are welcome but they need to be very closely supervised.  Teas and coffees and the odd biscuit have been known to make their apearance but please come armed with your own cup or flask.


We will meet you at the Flagpole at 1030 but will cancel if it’s raining. Please let us know if you think you can make it even if it’s just for an hour by emailing us at Tell your friends and bring them along too!




May 2024 Newsletter


We're putting together an occasional newsletter, packed with even more goodies.  If you missed the emailed copy, you can still find it right here




26 Jun 24 - FoPR Public Meeting


Our next public meetings will be at 7.45 on Wednesday 26 June and Wednesday 27 November 2024 at the Scout Hut, Brickfield Road. All welcome,

Next year's AGM is scheduled for 26 March 2025.




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